Willem LeBelle, the dude we have taken to calling “The Cape Crusader,” based on his home turf of Cape Cod, Mass, recently joined forces with the superheroes of the Great Northwest at Kuwahara. Word is the 12x is training hard, spending time pushing sleds and powering-up at Shawn DiPrete’s “DiPrete Strength & Power.”

Willem started racing BMX in June of 2014, and while he’s had a short career so far, he is Massachusetts state champion, district 1–with just under 14,000 points, and qualified for the 2015 World Championships in Belgium. His goal this year is to earn top 10 NAG, and to join the 20,000-point club.
Willem enjoys racing at nationals, but when there’s nothing on the schedule, he races at Egg Harbour, NJ and his favorite track, Chesapeake BMX in Severn, MD. Since Willem’s first BMX race, he has had three “BMX” life goals – Compete in the Olympics, Become World Champion and be the “face” or star racer for Kuwahara when he grows up!
You can imagine how stoked he was when the opportunity to race for Factory Kuwahara presented itself.

See the original story at BMX News

As reported at BMX News, ahead of the Music City Nationals, Kuwahara has a hot-tip on some hotshoe pickups. The Hutchinson family of Ohio.

Graydon (10x)

Myles “The Boss” (8x)

Laura (31-35 Ladies Cruiser)

Gray “Big Hutch” (USA BMX Certified Coach)

Factory Kuwahara Team Manager, Kelly Daniels told BMX News:
“With a growing contingent on the East Coast, the Hutch’s were a logical choice. You can bet Kuwahara will be running some serious team sheets back-East.”

Kuwahara USA would like to welcome 3 new incredible riders to our US squad: all three have been fixtures in the NAG scene for the last few years with Arch being a fixture for the last 20+. Look for these guys to be tearing it up at a track near you.

Mikkel Devore 10 - Expert , Taylor Stephens - 18 Expert, Dave Archibald - 41-45 Cruiser

You heard it right, the 2014's are IN STOCK. Head over to the store and order them up or email Kelly at Kelly@kuwaharausa.com. Teams and tracks come check out our programs that can get you and your squad into what some are saying is the best equipped 2014 complete around. Don't take our word for it.. get on a Kuwahara today.

As was reported by BMX News back on Dec. 20 of last year, The Kuwahara USA family is pleased to announce the return of A Pro Jeff Upshaw to the team. Jeff last rode for Kuwahara back in 2009 and is excited to be making his comeback in our colors. Look for big things to come from Upshaw in 2013 and for the release of our full team roster in the very near future.

Zach McOmber on the podium, placing first in the 2013 Redline Cup

Here is the Updated results for the weekend in Reno:
Zack McOmber: 6th Sat, 5th Sun in 11-12 open
Sienna Fines: 7th Sat, 2nd Sun in 14 Girls
Ashley Borland: 2nd Sat, 3rd Sun in 21-25 Girls Cruiser
Allan Porter: 4th Sat, 3rd Sun in 46-50 Cruiser
Philip Kaiser: Was FLYING until a crash on Sat hurt his wrist, but made the main on Sun and got 6th out of 40 riders in the super tough 19-27 expert class!
Congrats to all of the Kuwahara USA Riders!

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